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Wood and cork flooring restoration
and maintenance

Urethanes ● Waxes ● Protective Oils

Wood and cork are some of the most beautiful, natural flooring products available. However, especially in high-traffic areas, they can begin to show wear pretty quickly. A regular maintenance schedule is the best way to keep your cork or wood floor looking great. Naturally, these floors should be maintained daily by your regular janitorial staff in order to keep the day-to-day dirt and grime from getting ground into the floor and damaging the finish.

But, in addition to the day-to-day care, regularly scheduled intensive cleaning will ensure that your floors keep their warm glow for years. Regular intensive care should include any of the maintenance that is required beyond your janitorial staff’s regular cleaning. For wood, this might entail stripping and refinishing; for cork this might entail refinishing and/or rewaxing on a regular basis.

If you have, or are considering, a cork or wood floor, contact us. We’ll go over the best ways to keep your floor looking and performing great for years to come.