Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning - Enhancing Appearance and Safety Through Proactive Maintenance

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Tile and grout are used in some of the most difficult places to keep clean, such as bathrooms and cafeterias. These are also places where the risk of slips and falls is the greatest. The daily cleaning done by your janitorial staff is fine for the short term, but over time grout and tile will lose their luster, build up dirt and grime, and can become slip and fall hazards as well as becoming a source of unwanted odors.

The truth is that bathrooms and cafeterias are some of the hardest places to keep looking (and smelling) great, clean, and sanitary. The best way to keep up the appearance and safety of these challenging areas is through a well-crafted program of preventative maintenance. Thorough cleaning will enhance your floor’s appearance, keep its non-slip properties intact, and reduce your slip/fall liability.

Our cleaning professionals know exactly what’s needed. Having maintained hundreds of tile floors, we know exactly what long-term and preventative maintenance is needed (such as when to apply NeverStrip). We’ll keep your tiles looking shiny and new, the grout from getting stained, the odors at bay, and your slip/fall risks to a minimum. Our regular program of deep cleaning and maintenance will keep your tile floors healthy and attractive, leaving visitors with a great impression.

Contact us if you think you have bathrooms that need some special attention.