Sports Flooring Restoration and Maintenance

Urethanes ● Waxes ● Micron Coatings

There’s no doubt about it; your sports flooring takes a beating. Constant, daily, banging, intense movement, and harsh strikes, quickly wear down finishes and can damage floors very quickly. It takes a special level of care to keep these floors looking great and performing well—both of which are critical for good sports performances. After all, have you ever tried to play a game on a damaged surface? Kinds of ruins the game, doesn’t it?

We will work with you and your regular maintenance staff to develop a plan that will keep your floor in pristine condition; well-polished, looking great, and free of damage. And, for those times when damage has occurred unexpectedly, just contact us and we’ll send a team right out to ensure that your floor gets back in perfect working condition as quickly as possible.

Contact us and see just how easy it can be to make sure that your sports floor provides the basis for many a great game.