You can do more than wax your vinyl flooring

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Vinyl has been a popular flooring material for many years; it’s relatively inexpensive, extremely durable, and (with proper maintenance) will maintain its aesthetic for years.

There are some tricks to vinyl maintenance that involves a professional to handle. Repairs of tears and/or worn spots, stripping and re-coating, and annual or semi-annual maintenance are specialized jobs that should be done by professionals who know your floor and its manufacturer’s requirements.

The very best way to maintain your floor is to develop a maintenance plan right from the start—from the day your floor is installed. That way, we’ll come in regularly and be able to spot problem areas before they become hazards or detract from your facility’s good looks and the life cycle you can expect from the investment.

If you’re considering the installation of a vinyl floor, or have one already, contact us. We’ll be right there to look at your floor, evaluate your situation, and make the best, most cost-effective recommendations to keep your floor safe, attractive, and clean.