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Commercial Concrete Cleaning - Keeping Polished Concrete Looking Great

Polished Concrete ● Warehouses ● Pavers ● Grind and Seal

It’s no wonder that polished concrete has become one of the most popular flooring finishes. It has a modern, attractive look, can go with almost any interior design, and is durable and long lasting. Also, it needs less overall maintenance than just about any other type of floor, but it does require periodic maintenance.

However, that doesn’t mean that polished concrete is maintenance free. Routine daily care is simple; just use a neutral PH cleaner and make sure that you remove any grit or spills quickly, and you’re pretty much set. However, to keep up the floor’s shine and to keep it looking its best, it still needs regular buffing with the right equipment and materials.

At PMG we can provide the entire range of service for polished concrete, from the initial preparation to polishing to maintenance for the entire life of the floor. We can arrange a maintenance program that fits your business, building, and budget, so that your polished concrete floor stays safe, clean, and in tip-top condition.

Contact us if you want to see just how simple we can make it to keep your polished concrete floor looking and working like new.


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