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Linoleum Restoration & Maintenance

Wax ● Urethane ● Micron Coating

Linoleum is a unique material that you maintain similarly to wood. It is tough and durable but susceptible to moisture and alkalinity. In order to produce its best appearance and to protect it from dirt and excess moisture, linoleum should only be cleaned with products recommended by the manufacturer.

This means that your flooring maintenance company needs to be familiar with each manufacturer and their unique requirements for long-term care. Even the day-to-day care needs to be done per manufacturer’s specifications, and we can help there too, instructing your facilities staff on how to clean on a daily basis, while we handle the longer term care of the floor. The specialized quarterly cleanings will ensure that your floor looks great and stays in top condition throughout its life.

Do you have or are you considering a linoleum floor? Contact us, and we’ll be there from day one to ensure that you’re floor is always in tip-top condition.