Restoration & Maintenance - Start With Your Carpet as Clean as Possible

Nylon ● Wool ● Area Rugs

During new construction or remodeling, the carpet often gets dirty, dusty, and can have soil left behind.

Our low-moisture system uses the latest in carpet cleaning technology to remove more dirt from your carpet, while leaving it dry to the touch. When we’re done your carpet will be perfectly clean, dry, and ready to use.

The other benefit of our advanced process is that it doesn’t leave any residue on the carpet. Ever notice that after you clean a carpet it tends to get dirtier faster? That’s because most commercial carpet cleaners use high-PH chemicals, which leave a residue that attracts soil once the carpet is cleaned. The carpet looks great…for a while. But then the carpet quickly starts accumulating dirt and soil again, pushing you into an ever-accelerating cycle of cleaning, using, then re-cleaning.

Our process leaves your carpet (and pad) dry and ready to use. And, because of the care we take in choosing our chemicals, when we’re done the indoor air quality won’t be negatively affected and you’ll be secure in the knowledge that you have used the most environmentally sensitive process to get your carpets clean. Our process uses 75% less water and gets out more dirt than any other system available on the market today.

Contact us if you’re looking for the cleanest, greenest, carpet cleaning available.